Capturing the tropical essence with our effervescent island blend

Pineapples are good luck and hibiscus flowers make the perfect accessory. Eating watermelon in a bathing suit is one of life’s greatest joys and there’s nothing sweeter than a perfectly cut fresh mango. We’ve sourced the finest quality Pineapple, Hibiscus, Watermelon, Mango, Jasmine and Papaya Oils and Extracts to bottle our unique tropical botanical blend. This intoxicating combo creates the perfect escape in every Caley natural beauty product. It doesn't take a plane ticket to captivate this luminous glow. It's the natural, anti aging skincare benefits and healthy exfoliants found in every Caley Cosmetic natural beauty product that ignite the glow inside and out. Go ahead, order yourself a pina colada by exploring our ingredients. 

Gimme that natural glow!

Healthy makeup for an endless summer.