Our clean cosmetics process


What sets us apart from the current cosmetic landscape is that we are entirely vertical. We have our labs, offices & warehouse under one roof in our green beauty facility in Texas. Our lab allows us to continuously work on new & exciting formulas. Our machinery provides the capabilities to produce in high volume quantities. We have full control and flexibility to ensure our products are made with minimal waste & maximum freshness.

Sourcing & sustainability

We use the latest in sustainable skincare technology to create products that are good for people & the planet. Silicone alternatives that replicate the silky, high-performance textures of conventional products but are biodegradable. We also vet every supplier to ensure our materials come to us ethically & responsibly.

We're not perfect but we are actively learning. As we move forward, we are transitioning to post-consumer recycled plastic & glass bottles. We are continually educating ourselves on sustainability so that every step from product development to distribution has a net-zero carbon footprint.


We’ll always be real with you, pinky promise. We pride ourselves on developing a brand that is founded on transparency. All of our products are manufactured in our family-owned and operated facility that promises to stand by the integrity of our ingredients. We’re terrible at keeping secrets anyway, so ask us anything!

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