Latinx-Owned & Female-Founded

Hi! We’re Annie & Cindy Holland-Rodriguez, 2nd & 3rd generation of women in the beauty business.

As a mother-daughter team, we’re always having fun. So we’d like to tell you the story of our biggest adventure. We set out to use our product knowledge and family’s vivacity to create something that makes it easy to choose natural beauty products. Natural makeup that you will have fun with and that will make you be fun. Your best feature is your smile. So paint it with some color and smile more. Because with Caley, you’re one step closer to vacation.

It was Annie's Grandmother who kicked off this conga line of women working with natural makeup. She embodied women’s rights in stellar form.

Over 50 years agoSue Holland opened her doors to begin selling cosmetics. She knew the potential of a woman with confidence. Her mission was to help empower each individual that came through her doors. Her life’s work was helping women look and feel their best, one makeover at a time. She passed along the unique message natural beauty brought to her — that’s taking the time to enjoy your routine, treat it like a ritual and watch everyday evolve into the extraordinary. 

Fast forward...

Think of Cindy as your travel agent turned cruise director because she was the brains behind this crazy idea. She likes to do everything. Naturally, she opened cosmetic studios like her mother. Cindy wanted to take her impact with cosmetics further and felt there was something missing in the brands that were offered. In the Spring of 2011, she decided to use her experience to create a brand that was fun while still delivering the effortless benefits that kept her mother looking twenty years younger.

Annie went to FIDM and earned a degree in Product Development along with a B.S. in Business. Lived in Los Angeles working as a designer in the fashion industry. Saw Cindy developing a playful new line of makeup. Got serious FOMO. Moved back to join the team in 2015. 

Let's Get Real

It wasn’t until Cindy started wearing a lab coat that she became aware of the dangers lurking in conventional formulas. The awakening to harmful toxins came as a shock. But like many others, decoding ingredient decks and trying to uncover the actual sustainability of a product seemed confusing and overwhelming. Green options that are more like grey. Natural labels that are as fake as the plastic on which they were printed. Responsible claims that never unveiled or investigated the true source of their components. The pathway to better living shouldn’t be this confusing. Let’s be honest, confusing is boring and we don’t have time for that.

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    2016: we started our lab   |   2017: we established our eco-friendly facility   |   2018: CALEY LAUNCHES!

    Diversity & Inclusion

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