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Escape with us to paradise, where vibrancy and sustainability go hand in hand. We walk on the brighter side and live life in color. We live where winter doesn’t exist because palm leaves and pineapples flood our news feeds. Where a tropical state of mind and a little sunless tanner makes it summer all year ‘round.

We live in a world where harmful chemicals aren't necessary, a place that nobody questions us when we claim to be mermaids. We believe when you find products you enjoy using that are also the sustainable choice, you’re making moves worth celebrating. When you work hard, make healthy choices, and enjoy every bit of it, you’re living life sunny side up. 

the water's warm, dive on in!

Meet: Mermaid Micellar
The story of Mermaid Micellar

It's a micellar water with probiotics, niacinamide and so much more. 

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Self-Tanning Mousse FAQ
Self-Tanning Mousse FAQ

Looks like summer. Smells like vacation. Feels like paradise. Here's everything you need to know about our healthy sunless tanner.

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Bakuchiol vs. Retinol
Bakuchiol vs Retinol

Meet: Bakuchiol. The friendlier alternative to retinol that's here to stay. It's natural, it's non-irritating and it's here to give you smoother skin.

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