Summertime without the Sadness

How to transition into Fall without letting go of Summer 

Endless Summer isn't just a phrase in our book, it's a feeling and a lifestyle. Sunshine, waves, and vacation days are always at your fingertips no matter the season. That's because paradise is a state of mind and summer Fridays are an attitude. 

While a last minute beach trip would be ideal (we always recommend it). The novelty of sharing a summertime post has worn off. That's too depressing! The water's still warm and technically summer doesn't end till later in September, we remind ourselves. Yet the weight of the changing season is upon us. 

The pre-mature pumpkin spice starts creeping in. The stores have switched to sweaters. It's still sweltering outside. You're late to work due to the unexpected school traffic. Wait! You haven't even lived out all your summer activities yet. All of a sudden the sun is setting and it feels like the party's over. 

Why does Fall bring this sense of impending doom? It's a combination of nostalgia and anticipation of upcoming stress. There's no need to stress though. Endless summer is real. Here's how to make it happen. 

You don't have to go straight from sundresses to sweaters. Create the space between. Pair long sleeves with shorts or sandals with light scarves. Keep using sunless tanner! You also don't have to go from summer shades to deeper hues so fast. Brights and pastels should phase into holiday gem tones. That leaves room for many variations of bronze in between. Before you think fall foliage, think sunset hues. Warm peaches, pink sands, golden nudes, burnt orange, and shimmery browns. 

Transitioning to Fall is just as spectacular as summer and as exciting as autumn. Approach the change with ease and take advantage of the opportunity to reassess your outlook and align your goals. The Endless Summer Collection will take you through the changes like another beautiful sunset. 

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