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Summer makeup natural beauty essentials

Before you check-out for the weekend, check this list of the best natural beauty products for hassle-free healthy makeup. Look effortless with a few simple clean cosmetics tips. All you need is a few items in your travel bag to perfect the art of minimal makeup. These vacation-ready, natural makeup essentials are just beachy.

We’ve created a simple checklist of nontoxic makeup that will keep you glowing through the long weekend. Whether your beach-bound or backyard barbecuing, this makeup is pool-proof and ocean-safe. There's no better way to kick off summer than with a primed sunkissed face. The nontoxic makeup you need for effortless, fresh from the sea looks.

1. Beach Babe Natural Brows $14 
We'd never be found without our brows, even when going for a no-makeup look. This natural brow makeup is the best nontoxic beauty product because it works for any occasion. Rather than outlining and filling in your usual shape, simply stroke diagonally up and outward along the brow line. Use a spoolie brush or comb to blend in the same up and out direction. This technique will frame your face to enhance your natural beauty. It won't even look like you put on any extra makeup. 

2. Color Wave Natural Lipstick in Flower Child $18
This nontoxic lip makeup can serve double-duty on your travels. Dab three dots of this floral pink on the apples of your cheeks and blend for a fresh, healthy, fun in the sun all-day look. 

3. Beach Babe Natural Eyes in Mermaid $14
This ocean inspired color was made to take summer makeup to a more whimsical level. The shimmery teal shade is playful yet still subtle enough for our minimal makeup beauties. It can be used along the lashline or smudged for an eyeshadow. Draw on a few extra layers of lines (it can be messy) on the eyelid. Then use your fingers or a smudge brush to blend to a smooth finish. We highly recommend priming the eyelid with a shadow primer, concealer, or neutral cream eyeshadow color for longer, crease-free wear. 

4. Beachy Kiss Natural Lip Gloss in Sunshine Sparkle $16
This natural lip gloss is the ultimate summertime accessory. It hydrates and protects keeps lips looking healthy and feeling refreshed. Keep it by your beach bag, pool tote or in the pocket of any pair of shorts for easy access. You'll be reapplying all summer long. 


These beach babe approved natural beauty products are clean and safe for summer. They do not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage marine life like other conventional products on the market. They will not cause irritation or when you're sweating in the sun. They're made to be soothing for your skin and designed to enhance your natural beauty in the breeziest way. Caley clean cosmetics offers the best nontoxic makeup to make your summer even more beautiful. 

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