Beauty's new secret weapon.
Why probiotics in beauty products will change your life. 

What's the deal with probiotics in skincare?
There are a few probiotic skincare products out there. Some better than others. I describe the good ones as leaving my skin feeling, happy. It sounds simple, but that's actually huge claim compared to the breakouts, irritation, splotchiness I get from perpetually trying & testing new healthy beauty products. The probiotic beauty products have left my skin calm, smooth, and finally balanced between oily and dry. Probiotics proved to be the solution to my healthy beauty routine I've been looking for all my life. That's why we made them into nontoxic makeup. Caley Cosmetics is beyond excited to present the first collection of clean color cosmetics to be formulated with probiotics. 

Aren't you supposed to take them like a vitamin?
Taking probiotics daily is an excellent way to regulate your digestion and boost your immune system. You've heard it before, but here it is again. Skin is the body's largest organ. That means, what you put on top of your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. Applying probiotics topically is like doubling up your defense system. Inside and out, you need the good bacteria to fight the bad. This results are visible. 

Will my products expire?
Like any beauty product, there is an expiration date. Most likely, you'll love your nontoxic makeup so much it'll be used up before it's time. Probiotics do have a shorter shelf life. It doesn't necessarily mean it will go bad, it just won't be as effective. If a typical natural beauty product has a shelf life of 12 months, the probiotics will do their thing for about 6 months. PSA: if you have makeup over a year old, it needs to be thrown out. 

How do I know how to look for probiotics?
Always check the ingredient list for Lactobacillus for lactobacillus ferment. That is the active ingredient for cosmetic formulations. If it's missing on the label, the product probably doesn't contain effective probiotics. 

Supplements are another story. The effectiveness is determined by the type of strain and the CFU count. CFU (colony-forming-unit) is the amount of good bacteria present. It should be above 40 billion, but is irrelevant if the probiotic is not a good strain. Probiotics are really great for a lot of people to take on a daily basis, but are not necessary for everybody. Consult your doctor for more information on probiotic supplements. 

The science
Probiotics are microorganisms that resemble the good bacteria found in our gut. They have several very important jobs, such as digestion and fighting illness and infections. Good bacteria fights the bad bacteria. The more good bacteria we have in our body, the less susceptible our bodies are to inflammation and disease. Probiotics essentially build our defense system by acting as a protective shield against bad bacteria. Basically, they help keep everything running smoothly. 


The results

  • visibly calms redness
  • anti-innflamatory
  • antibacterial, helps fight acne
  • minimizes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • helps erase imperfections, sun spots and discoloration
  • reverses signs of damage and prevents against pre-mature aging
  • supports a stronger moisture barrier
  • supports skin’s natural renewal process
  • restores balance to the skin

How to use
Apply all day, every day, anytime, anywhere. For a glossy finish, apply additional layers. For a smooth, natural finish apply a single layer. These natural beauty products with probiotics can also be used as a primer for color lip makeup to go on smoother and stay in place.

These healthy beauty products are only for topical use. Probiotic makeup is not to be ingested. 

Beachy Kiss Natural Lip Gloss with Probiotics $16

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