8 simple self-care steps to instantly brighten your day at home

Everyday has ups and downs. Some say there’s good days and bay days. It’s actually more like, well, neutral days with good parts and bad parts. 

The weird thing is that we’re totally in control of those swings. It’s not like we spilled coffee on the way out the door or got stuck in traffic before an important meeting. The lows are because, the news and how it made us feel. The highs are because, endorphins, gratitude, positivity. When we feel bad, it’s oh so complicated. Whereas happiness feels, well, simple! So here’s some simple steps to keep charging that positivity so we plateau on the ups rather than rollercoaster with the downs. 

Most of these steps are like okayy, everyone’s doing it… That's why we wanted to offer easy, quick ways to put the tools “everyone’s talking about” into action. A few minutes of focused optimism will radiate light in the days to come.

I’ve found the most vital step to staying mentally on top of things, is to be proactive. When you feel yourself slip, getting bummed from the news, in a fight with your roommate aka spouse aka co-worker aka family member, do one of these steps. Use them as a remedy to any anxiety that comes up. Use them daily as a preventative tool. No commitment, no stress. Just put these sunshine tips into action and recharge positive vibes.

Fresh air

Go for a walk outside. It is springtime after all. Look around, smell the fresh blooms, hear the birds chirping. Wave to passerby’s safely distanced across the street. Appreciate the outdoors, it makes a world of a difference.

Get Moving

Download an exercise app. Most services are offering free trials. Cardio dance is a great way to boost those endorphins. I’ve been loving Openfit Xtend Barre and Pilates. It’s only 30 minutes and I’m so sore (in a good way) after. Just think, what if you used this time to get in the best shape of your life? Then how you’d be feeling about your social schedule after this is all over. Boom, motivation. 

Call Your Loved Ones

Mom, grandmother, aunt, cousins, siblings, high school friends. Go through your contact list and think about sending a text. Just not to your ex. We’re all craving human connection. Striking up a conversation will keep you entertained and feed your social needs. Promise, anyone would be thrilled to hear from you.

Meditate or just deep breathe

There are great apps for this now. Some are paid, but you can find a lot of good ones for free. I love Headspace, Insight Timer, Happy Not Perfect. Honestly, meditating hasn’t really clicked for me. What I do is set the timer, sit in a comfy chair, look out the window, and belly breathe and say thank you for all the things I’m grateful for. Maybe that’s a form of meditation, not really sure. Regardless, when anxiety starts to creep up it’s extremely helpful to simply stop and breathe.


Keep a journal and write down the things you are grateful for. Or write down whatever you’re feeling at the moment. Writing things down really helps us understand our emotions. We're big believers that gratitude is our greatest healer.

Play some good tunes, throw yourself a party!

Put on a good playlist and pump up the jams. Go for a theme and get all dressed up. Yes, for yourself. It’s fun! Take pictures or FaceTime with some friends and invite them to the festivities. Seriously, we threw a Fiesta with margaritas, flower crowns and sombreros the other day. It was raining outside and it was a party of few (like two), but it was fun. It was different than the sweatpants uniform and a contrast to the rest of the days that have all blended together. Do it, you’ll inspire others to have a good time too.

Help out

Contact local shelters and see if you can donate supplies. The food bank, definitely. See how your neighbors are doing. Or, wait for it, check with nearby animal shelters. Adopting a pup would be mutually beneficial for both parties, wouldn’t you say?

The power of self-care

Take a long soaky bath, do a face mask, exfoliate your whole body then moisturize. You can easily DIY bath soaks that are oh so luxurious. Give aromatherapy a chance. Think about getting a diffuser if you don’t have one or light some candles. Experiment with your makeup and enjoy your full routine. This is your time, use it for you and enjoy.

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