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This is the first edition of our Friday Files. Your go to place for everything that feels like summer. From natural makeup tips and island packing lists, green beauty finds to the best tropical destinations. Our natural beauty Friday Files are sure to be your favorite getaway. Check our healthy makeup and natural beauty blog anytime you need your desk to be an island in the sun. 

Can you believe Labor Day is almost here?! This summer may have flown by, but Caley Cosmetics is rolling in with natural makeup to make that sunny day feeling keep on going. Starting with the Labor Day packing list. I've put together a list of warm weather essentials to pair with your natural makeup bag (some of my personal favorite green brands). Cooler weather may be blowing into some parts, but the rest of us are still sweating off our mineral makeup in this heat wave. Below are what I consider beach babe necessities. If you love natural beauty products and effortless mineral makeup, green products like these might make your suitcase a little happier. Suggested use: three day weekends, mid-September last minute beach trips, holiday jetsets, and when resort style or a spontaneous road trip sounds better than Netflix and chill. 

1. Love Sun Body Mineral Sunscreen a packing list is not complete without a non chemical sunscreen. We'll be recommending many healthy sunscreens in the Friday Files. We'll also explain what to look for in a sunscreen and why the one's we know so well are the worst for our beloved oceans. To start, here is one that is #CaleyBabe approved. 

2. Bando Beach Towel giant palm leaf to lay on the sand or bring poolside. No explanation necessary. 

3. Coola Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion nothing beats the cooling feeling of Aloe after a day in the sun. This body cream takes it up a notch to soothe your skin and lock in moisture. 

4. OUAI Wave Spray one of my favorite things about summer is letting your hair air dry for a beachy bounce. Wave Sprays are always my go-to hair product. I love how this one smells, plus anything in travel-size is much appreciated. Spritz after the shower then let the salty air do it's thing. 

5. Kopari Coconut Body Oil smells of Jasmine and leaves skin shiny and smooth, that's sexy in my opinion. I like that this is a spray rather than having to rub in lotion. Makes a quick, feel-good enhancement when showing some skin. 

6. Flavored Sparkling Water this is my most recent obsession. This heat has me feeling perpetually parched. I'm constantly refilling my water bottle and I cannot wrap my head around it when people say they never drink enough water. I go 10 minutes without a sip of something cold and I feel like I'm in the Sahara. Anyways, whether your like me or like the rest of the world, these flavored waters are a delightful way to stay hydrated. 

7. Supergoop! Healthy Glow Sunless Tanner save you skin by going faux. Before the big weekend, exfoliate, then apply a layer, or two or three. Rub in a circular motion and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. I am forever on the search for the next best sunless tanner. This one's been my favorite lately because it actually smells good, dries quickly, and doesn't get flakey by the end of the weekend. 

8. Sakara Watermelon Jerky because a road trip isn't complete without jerky and we obviously love watermelon. Put the two together and skip the beef, guilt-free satisfaction. 

9. Reusable cups: single use plastic is so last year. The pollution that is ending up in our oceans due to water bottles, straws, etc. is horrifying (and we'll get more into that later and how to help). First step, festive reusable cups. A sustainable party leaves no hangover. 

10. Warby Parker Elderflower Crystal Sunglasses. It's so important to protect your eyes. The bright sun can cause serious damage to your vision down the road, not to mention the wrinkles that can form from squinting. Consider it a part of your anti-aging beauty routine and order some super cute pink sunglasses from an awesome brand. Rose-colored frames = rosey outlook. 

These are a few of my favorite things that I thought you may enjoy too. What are some of your packing necessities? Our team is made of fellow junkies and beauty lovers. Comment below, shoot us an email, or connect with Caley Cosmetics on social (@CaleyCosmetics) to share your thoughts! There's nothing better than sharing natural beauty secrets with our BFFs. Get in touch! We love to chat. 

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