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The best skinny margarita recipe you’ll every try.

Here's how to make a real margarita. This is the real deal. No sweet and sour, no mix. It's all you need for a spicy, skinny, ultimate party-starting marg. 

1 part lime juice
2 parts 100% Agave Tequila, Silver or Blanco
1 part Cointreau
Topo Chico (or sparkling water)
Optional: stevia or agave, jalapeno 
1-2 Limes
1 tbsp. Salt or chili powder mix (like Trechas or Tajin)

Mix lime juice, tequila, Cointreau. Then add as much Too Chico (or sparkling water) as you like to lighten it up. 

Add stevia or agave to sweeten. 

Slice a fresh jalapeño for garnish to make a spicy marg!

Pour salt or a chili powder on to a plate. Cut the lime into wedges. Rim the glass with lime and dip in salt. Add ice to glasses. Pour & Serve!

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