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The best natural makeup for the holidays.

The rush to Christmas Eve is always frazzled. Then when all is calm you want to look perfect. The days between Christmas and New Year’s may have you forgetting what part of the week you are in when you spend days in pajamas with Netflix. Then comes the time for the ball to drop and you want to be totally glam. We want you to be prepared to look your natural beauty best so we send the year off with a sparkle. That’s why we’ve put together a doubleheader of the best healthy makeup looks to have you turning heads.

The mistletoe is no safe place when you look this gorgeous. Keep it classic and your family pics will have you beaming for years to come. Use the charcoal natural eyeliner in Moonlight or espresso pencil in Jetsetter to define the eyes. Don’t go too heavy, the grandparents will be around. Simply dash along the water line to make eyes appear more open and enhance the lashes. A natural brow pencil is always necessary to complete the look, create a bold shape to frame the face and fill in sparse hairs, follow with a spoolie brush to make the natural makeup blend. Outline lips with the crimson natural lip liner and apply a coat of Poison Apple natural lipstick. The perfect holly red for festive kisses to Santa.

best natural holiday makeup

New Year’s is the best night of the year to go glam. Use the black shimmer natural eye liner pencil in Twilight. If you want to go heavier, go for it - it is New Year’s after all. Use the white natural eye liner pencil in Starry Eyed on the waterline and inner corners for that something extra that makes your natural makeup look like it was done by a pro. The healthy liquid lip makeup in Miami Beet is a rich statement shade that will be classy yet dramatic. Since it’s a matte lip stain, you won’t have to reapply till next year.

best nontoxic makeup for winter

There you have it, two breathtaking looks that will make you smile and sparkle every time this season comes around. 

Beach Babe Natural Eyes in Moonlight or Jetsetter $14
Beach Babe Natural Lips in Crimson $14
Color Wave Natural Lipstick in Poison Apple $18

Beach Babe Natural Eyes in Twilight $14
Beach Babe Natural Eyes in Starry Eyed $14
Color Wave Liquid Lip in Miami Beet $20

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