The seasons are changing, the leaves are turning and you've found yourself making your way to the darker side of the closet. Summer's definitely behind us but bright colors are standing their ground. The days of muted colors and drab shades ruling our wears are over. Fuchsia, orange, lilac, and florals are taking the stage this fall. Get ready to pair pops of colors with your booties and scarves. The weather may not be able to make up its mind but one thing that's certain is the following looks are majorly trending. 

1. Pink over everything. Pretty in pink is reaching new levels. Polish your pout with a pretty petal shade, paint your lids with a natural eye makeup pop of pink, and even liner your eyes with this dainty color. Rosy tones are creating feminine natural makeup looks that are delicate yet sophisticated. 
Color Wave Natural Lipstick in Rose All Day

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2. Angular liners and eye appliques. Did we say bold? We even meant neon. Create shapes with a natural eyeliner pencil for geometric pops of color. If your feeling extra playful, show off your creativity by adding some rhinestone jewels. 
Beach Babe Natural Eye Liner Pencil in Mermaid, Dragonfly, Tahiti and Unicorn with Magic and Manifest Face Gems. 

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3. Statement lips. A bold lip is always around. It's nailing the perfect color that makes it a major natural makeup win. The rich burgundy color is the star of the colder season. Don't hold back, this healthy lip makeup looks amazing on everyone. Be sure to use a natural lip liner pencil so color doesn't bleed. Then apply a healthy liquid lipstick so color stays and the effect keeps on going. Color Crush Natural Liquid Lipstick in Miami Beet

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4. Sultry smoky eye. The traditional smoky eye gets a bit grungy this fall. Get a little wild with your smudge brush on this one and use your natural black eye makeup pencil to create the effect. Want a cleaner look? Take a natural eye makeup pencil in white and line the inner corners and water line. This will brighten the eyes. Don't let this year end before creating a smoky eye. Sultry or polished, the natural makeup look will be sexy either way. 
Beach Babe Natural Eye Liner Pencil in Midnight and Starry Eyed

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5. High gloss and twiggy lashes. This classic look is having a well-deserved moment. Mega lashes and intense shine on the lips are key when using nontoxic makeup. Use a natural lip liner pencil in a soft color like nude or pink to build volume on your lips. Then apply several shades of a sheer pink natural lip gloss. Pair with a set of false lashes and start turning heads. 
Beachy Kiss Natural Lip Gloss and Goddess from Lily Lashes

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6. No makeup-makeup. It sounds simple but there's a major difference between the look for fall and the beachy-bronzed no makeup look. Highlighting over contouring and more blush, less bronzing powder. Take this healthy makeup opportunity to illuminate your natural features and let your true beauty shine through. 
Beach Babe Natural Lip Liner Pencil in Nude

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7. Metallic moments. Gold is always a winner for natural beauty products. From flecks that sparkle to a foil sheen, using gold with your healthy makeup guarantees a glow. Add some gold glitter around the eye area or take a damp natural eye makeup brush to paint a gold shadow over the lid. 

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A few things to remember. If you're going heavy on the eyes, go soft with the natural lip makeup. If your lips will be doing the talking, take it easy on the eyes. Never underestimate the beauty of a natural minimal makeup look. And don't be afraid to wear the colors you love and have fun with your looks. You already made the healthy makeup choice with the best nontoxic beauty products. 

Be ready to go bold this fall. Take advantage of these natural beauty trends to push the limits with your healthy makeup. Share your gorgeous style with #CaleyBabe!

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