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Clean cosmetics for effortless beauty.

How amazing does an exotic vacation sound? Coming back with a sun kissed glow and a beachy, effortless air about you that makes everyone jealous. That feeling of taking a shower after a day in the sun and noticing fresh tan lines. Letting your hair air dry with new golden highlights and salty waves.

That's the inspiration for Caley. While we don't do the hair part (yet), we want to give you that feeling all year around.

Our inspiration comes from seeing a rainbow of hibiscus flowers opening in the morning sun. Buying a full size papaya and cutting it open for a fruit salad to share with friends. The smell of mango in your poolside snack and using sweet jasmine as your perfume. Natural, clean, and oh so effortless.

Our inspiration comes from these nostalgic and delectably delightful symbols of summer. They offer extraordinary anti aging benefits and gentle yet powerful exfoliation. No wonder they are so heavenly.

The tropical fruit extracts and oils that we use in every one of our natural beauty products have been used for centuries to enhance the appearance of skin. It's no coincidence these marvelous ingredients serve as the best natural anti aging skincare.

We set out to be as natural as possible while giving skin the performance you deserve. Through tireless research and testing, we uncovered these gems that work and that make you look fab. And we took it a step farther. We put it your non-toxic makeup to make the best natural beauty brand.

Let's break it down...

1. We wanted natural beauty products without any harmful chemicals so you get non-toxic makeup that you can trust.

2. Ingredients that were sourced responsibly and manufacturing procedures without a carbon footprint. That means no palm oil that contributes to deforestation and beeswax from organic farms that are all treated like queens.

3. Makeup that doesn't just make you look and feel good. Makeup that gives you confidence Makeup that enhances your complexion in that golden goddess natural beauty product way. That makes you shimmy and smile every time you hear the click of the compact. 

Enter: Caley Cosmetics. Clean cosmetics designed, developed, and made in a family-owned and operated facility that is strongly committed to preserving our environment and fighting for stricter regulations on cosmetic labeling. Plus, we have like 8 pets (including a bird) so animal cruelty is way up there on our list.

We have a lot of fun, seriously. Because we make things fun. We don't go to the beach everyday. We don't take a vacation every year. But we live each day as a full-fledged fiesta with color, healthy makeup, and happiness.   

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