How to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter can get pretty depressing. When it’s dark before you get home from work and the grey skies seem to go on forever, the season can take its toll. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a very real thing. If it’s affecting your life in debilitating ways, by all means, make a visit to your doctor. But if the winter blues just have you feeling a little grumpy, we have a few suggestions to get you out from down in the dumps. 

1. Check yourself. If you’re feeling bummed, realize it may be because you haven’t seen the sun in weeks. When you pull off your leggings and notice your ghostly pale legs that haven’t been shaved in a month, feelings of shock and horror are justified. By recognizing it’s simply the dreary weather that’s bumming you out, you take the pressure off yourself worrying that something's going wrong. 

2. Wear color. Weeks of black and grey get boring. Freshen things up by wearing a bright colored sweater or printed scarf. Another way to make for a sunnier mood is to throw on a bright lipstick. Just because your wardrobe is being lame doesn’t mean your beauty routine needs to be dragged down with it. There’s no better way to liven up your look than by adding a hot pink, rich berry or lilac-rose natural lip makeup to your look. It’ll make you feel a million times better knowing you took an extra step to elevate your look. Try the Color Wave Natural Lipstick in Femme Fatale for a wonderfully understated pop that will warm up your winter complexion. 

3. Sleep more. Get into a routine of going to bed early and waking up later and stick to it. It’s dark and cold outside anyway. Think of yourself as a bear, hibernating and replenishing serotonin. When spring comes, you’ll be refreshed and ready. 

4. Be in the moment and get seasonal. Warm soups, spice lattes, fireplaces, all of the things. Enjoy the goodness that comes with the cold and relish in the moment. 

5. Get moving. Exercise, because endorphins obviously make you happy. And bikini season will be here before you know it and getting in the best shape ever is the best way to put this time to good use. 

6. Tune in. Listen to happy tunes and watch funny movies. Can't argue with that. 

7. Plan a vacation. Start thinking about summer trips and travel destinations. Just the thought will get you feeling excited. 

8. Light therapy. If you’re still feeling the winter blues, get yourself an artificial sun lamp. A lamp like this in your bedroom will simulate longer days and brighter light to effectively stimulate your mood. 

Hang in there, winter’s almost over. Stay positive, get enough sleep, and keep smiling to bring sunshine into your days. Before you know it, we’ll be soaking up the sun once again. 


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