The year we launched the best healthy makeup brand

Wow wow wow WHAT a YEAR it has been. 2018, we knew you’d be a doozie when you started but we didn’t realize how much of a totally world-rocking, life-changing party all around phenomenon of a year you’d turn out to be. Let’s recap. 

The first quarter was spent finding our voice, creating our packaging, perfecting our formulas, and tirelessly researching natural beauty babes like you to find out what it is you want. We didn’t just want to launch another brand. We wanted to give you what we felt was missing. Playful, high-performance products that you can trust. Most importantly products that make you smile.  

May 2018: we exhibited at IBE Dallas in the pre-launch phase and had a blast. We lounged on a pink couch and seriously just hung out with beauty-loving babes. We had great conversations on what’s to come and took everything we could to maximize the feedback in order to even-better create a brand to fill that need we were talking about a second ago.  

Over the summer we did what we do best. Enjoyed warm waves and lazy days and tested the products in their natural habitat, vacation.

August 2018: we attended IBE NY with the first preview of our collection. 

September 2018: our website launches, our products are available for pre-sale. 

October 2018: we are in full force!

November 2018: we hosted a pop-up in Beverly Hills and hung with LA blogger babes. 

December 2018: we hosted our first annual #CaleyChristmas event with our local blogger babes in our showroom in San Antonio. 

best healthy makeup blogIt seems like this year has been jam-packed with fun and excitement. However, I personally have seen new depths to my fear, challenges to my creativity, questioning of my ability, and a new level of what am I even doing?! I have seen more highs and lows from the exhilaration of launching a brand new collection to darkness of my inner voice whispering to me, are people even going to want this? One thing I’ve always been told is we hold two cards in our pocket: one says we’re ontop of the world and one that says we’re worthless. It seems my worst times this year have actually been when I’ve been in between, not holding either card. When I’ve felt we were idling. In between shows and events when the hype has died down and the momentum dulls. When you send countless emails out to show the world your brand and you wonder if your server is working because you don’t want to believe they’re all just ignoring you. I know many female entrepreneurs that have felt this way. Some days it’s just hard and I wished more than anything someone would tell me what to do next to make it happen. If I’ve learned anything this year it’s that we have to make it happen ourselves. 

best nontoxic makeup brand

We created this brand on a mission to not just deliver clean cosmetics. We wanted to sprinkle speckles of the weekend into your week. To make you shine like summertime everytime you swipe on a Caley lipstick. To make you experience the tropical vibes and vacation state of mind on a daily basis. That sunny skies and a sea breeze can be an attitude. 

On this wild ride that this year has been, by the end of it I realize I have to remind myself every day to live life sunny side up. It’s up to us if that’s easy or hard. Easy’s more fun so let’s party through the new year and celebrate each step of the way. Being a #caleybabe is more than just wearing the makeup, it’s a lifestyle. We spread shimmering rays of pure joy everywhere we go because we remind ourselves a smile can bring sunshine into any situation. Thanks, babes. For keepin’ real with us and cruising into 2019 with a healthy makeup splash. 

Annie | Co-Founder

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