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best natural beauty products watermelon

Ingredient Spotlight

Watermelon to us is more than just a buzzy skincare ingredient. It's a juicy multi-tasker that's here to stay.

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best natural liquid lip

What's really in a liquid lip

Liquid lips seem to have changed the game, but the benefits may actually too good to be true. 

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best nontoxic makeup brand

Label Decoder

There are literally thousands of harmful chemicals lurking in your beauty products. That's why we’ve posted a list of our never-ever use gross toxic ingredients. 

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best healthy makeup brand

Ingredient Spotlight: Pineapple

We love pineapple! It's so good for your skin so we put it in every one of our products.

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healthy makeup from non toxic ingredients

Ingredient NO List

We adhere to some of the highest standards in clean cosmetics. We promise to always deliver healthy makeup by staying away from these commonly used toxins. 

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healthy makeup with non toxic ingredients

Breezy beauty, healthy makeup

The feeling of summer from healthy makeup. That's what Caley is here to deliver.

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