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Calling all beauty blogging babes

September 28, 2018


Join our team through the Caley Cosmetics Affiliate Program and become a brand ambassador! Get special access to product launches and promo codes and earn a commission by sharing the natural beauty that products you love with your friends and followers. 

If you're a makeup lover, wellness guru or just someone obsessed with healthy beauty products whose also a social media master, it's time we link up. The Caley Cosmetics Affiliate Program is an awesome way to make some extra dough by sharing the products you love. 

Sound too good to be true? We're for real. Each time a person uses the code from one of your platforms to make a purchase, you'll receive a commission on the order. 

The Perks:

  • Earn 8% commission on all Caley Cosmetics product sales generated by you.
  • Get early access to new product launches. Discount codes and free product for consistent affiliates! 
  • Have your content shared across Caley platforms with tags and mentions of your account and/or links to your platforms.
  • Access to exclusive offers and promotions to share with your lovely followers. 

The Rules: 

  • Must use original images and/or videos respective to your account. 
  • Posts can feature products that are non-competitive to the Caley Cosmetics collection. Totally fine: sunscreen, beauty tools, etc. Not so much: lipsticks, mineral powder, etc. from other brands.
  • Use hashtag #caleybabe and tag and mention @CaleyCosmetics. Links must be in the caption or prevalent enough to be visible in posts. 
  • Access to exclusive offers and promotions to share with your lovely followers. 

To get started email with Affiliate Program in the subject line. We can't wait to become friends with benefits! 

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